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Drug Effects on our Community

Judge James F. WatsonA Statement from McMinn County General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge

James F. Watson

I have served as General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge since 1986. During my nearly 22 years of service I have seen countless instances of the devastating effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on individuals, their families, innocent victims, and the community. It is clear that the earlier in life an individual uses Alcohol and Drugs, the easier it is for that individual to become dependant, and the harder it is to overcome the addiction. I applaud the efforts of MADCAT to reduce and hopefully eliminate the abuse of Alcohol and Drugs in our community. We have everything to gain from this program.

James F. Watson

General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge
McMinn County

The General Sessions Court has jurisdiction to conduct preliminary trials in felony cases and may finally dispose of all misdemeanors. This court handles all juvenile court cases involving offenders through 17 years of age, and civil cases involving amounts not more than $10,000. All hearings are held without juries. This office is elected to an 8 year term.


• Reduce binge drinking and prescription drug abuse among teens.
• Reduce other high-risk behaviors and negative consequences for teens.
• Increase/build infrastructure to address substance abuse.
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